Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meiji Shrine ~Shrine in Deep Forest in Tokyo~

In front of Harajuku Station which is known as the gateway of Tokyo's fashion center, there is a stately Shinto shrine gate. This is the main entrance of Meiji Shrine.

The shrine was built to be dedicated to the spirits of Meiji Emperor and his wife, Shoken Empress. It is surrounded by an artificial forest made up by trees that were donated by people from the whole Japan. The huge forest, which covers 700 thousand square-meters, initially had 120 thousand trees, but it has been growing up naturally and now has 170 thousand.

On your way to the worship place, you can breathe the fresh air and relax your mind at the calm and quiet place while being in one of the busiest capitals in the world.

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Meiji Shrine ~Shrine in Deep Forest in Tokyo~ [iPhone 4S/HD]
- Shot in 1080p full HD with an iPhone 4S on Jun. 11th, 2012

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