Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Snow in Tokyo Area

Japan has a variety of climates. The areas of the mainland along the Sea of Japan are known as one of the snowiest regions on earth. On the other hand, it is, in the areas of the Pacific Ocean side of the island, usually so dry in winter that you don't often see snow. Many of cities in the areas, including Tokyo and several other large cities, are vulnerable to snow. The Japan Meteorological Agency announces that it is a heavy snowfall when the snow reaches 5 cm in central Tokyo.

We had our first snow of this winter in Tokyo area on January 14th. It was a heavy snowfall. While kids and dogs went outside and played delightedly, public transportation and cats stopped their activity. It was a national holiday as Coming-of-Age Day and not so many commuters were affected. However, a large number of new adults were deprived of their transportation to Coming-of-Age event.

First Snow in Tokyo Area, 2013 [iPhone 4S/HD]
- Shot in 1080p full HD with an iPhone 4S on Jan. 14th, 2013

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